EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - SAME TIME The TANKER is rolling. Out onto the road, snorting and belching. Preceded by the Little Debbie PANEL TRUCK. INT. UTILITY BOX - ON TANKER - SAME TIME Poor little Caitlin huddles in the dark. All alone. ROARING in her ears. Sort of like being underwater. EXT. TANKER TRUCK - CLOSE ON UNDERBELLY A silver device attached to the skin of the tank. WITH TIMOTHY - CROSSING THE SMOKE-FILLED GROUNDS He consults a tiny, liquid crystal display on his watch. Red numerals. *178 degrees*. EXT. CLIFF'S EDGE - WITH CHARLY She won't quit. Busy now, deftly sticking the wad of C-4 EXPLOSIVE to the bottom of the Jaguar. Straightens. Turns around -- Stands dead calm as they all come out of the TREES, guns drawn... Raises her hands, see, boys...? No bang-bang. Like backlit monsters, they approach, hulking. Matter of yards, now... She flashes a naughty little smile -- Goes backward off the cliff and rockets earthward. 200 feet of open air, THE BUNJEE Cord pays out, fast...! Whipsaws out the door of the Jaguar, hooked by carabiner to the STEERING COLUMN and meanwhile THE CHAPTER AGENTS Rush forward, incredulous. Peer OVER THE EDGE: Below them, a swan diver, BLACKNESS all around. She drops like a stone. Vanishes into the fog, beautiful as a poem. INSIDE THE JAGUAR: The cord goes taut -- Now it starts to stretch outward. DECELERATION kicking in, Charly can FEEL it, still whistling through space... Hits a dead stop. This is it. Cord, stretched as far as it goes. She's still sixty feet above the highway. No hesitation whatsoever. She thumbs the DETONATOR in her right fist -- Blows the car. UP ABOVE - CLIFF'S EDGE The Jaguar goes up with a solid CRUMP--! Blown off the edge of the cliff. Along with a half dozen screaming AGENTS. BACK WITH CHARLY - FALLING Lifeline cut. 60 feet above the road, no problem. She does thirty feet in freefall. Raises her left hand -- Slaps a carabiner on a passing POWER LINE. Hurtles downward until suddenly, KA-CHUK--! She LURCHES to a stop. Doesn't miss a beat: Grips a rope and GLIDES the last thirty feet, touches down lightly. Unhooks herself, turns as AN ONCOMING CAR throws a fishtail SKID, just misses her. Driver SWEARS. She raises her gun. Fires without blinking. Puts a hole in the passenger side windshield and the DRIVER ain't sticking around, he's out the door and gone as CHARLY THE EXTERMINATOR Crosses to the car, face a stone mask. Behind her the FLAMING JAGUAR SMASHES to the ground, raining fragments -- Followed by BURNING CORPSES, smacking the pavement one after another. She doesn't even look. Gets behind the wheel. Leaves most of her tires on the road behind her.
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