THE MATRIX by Larry and Andy Wachowski

     FADE IN ON:


     So close it has no boundaries.

     A blinking cursor pulses in the electric darkness like a
     heart coursing with phosphorous light, burning beneath
     the derma of black-neon glass.

     A PHONE begins to RING, we hear it as though we were 
     making the call.  The cursor continues to throb,
     relentlessly patient, until --

                         MAN (V.O.)

     Data now slashes across the screen, information flashing
     faster than we read.

               Call trans opt:  received.
               2-19-96  13:24:18  REC:Log>

                         WOMAN (V.O.)
               I'm inside.  Anything to report?

     We listen to the phone conversation as though we were on
     a third line.  The man's name is CYPHER.  The woman, 

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               Let's see.  Target left work at
               5:01 PM.

               Trace program:  running.

     The entire screen fills with racing columns of numbers.
     Shimmering like green-electric rivets, they rush at a 10-
     digit phone number in the top corner.

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               He caught the northbound Howard 
               line. Got off at Sheridan.  
               Stopped at 7-11.  Purchased six-
               pack of beer and a box of Captain 
               Crunch.  Returned home.

     The area code is identified.  The first three numbers
     suddenly fixed, leaving only seven flowing columns.

     We begin MOVING TOWARD the screen, CLOSING IN as each 
     digit is matched, one by one, snapping into place like
     the wheels of a slot machine.

                         TRINITY (V.O.)
               All right, you're relieved.  Use
               the usual exit.

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               Do you know when we're going to
               make contact?


     Only two thin digits left.

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               Just between you and me, you don't 
               believe it, do you?  You don't 
               believe this guy is the one?

                         TRINITY (V.O.)
               I think Morpheus believes he is.

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               I know.  But what about you?

                         TRINITY (V.O.)
               I think Morpheus knows things that
               I don't.

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               Yeah, but if he's wrong --

     The final number pops into place --

                         TRINITY (V.O.)
               Did you hear that?

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               Hear what?

               Trace complete.  Call origin:

                         TRINITY (V.O.)
               Are you sure this line is clean?

                         CYPHER (V.O.)
               Yeah, course I'm sure.

     We MOVE STILL CLOSER, the ELECTRIC HUM of the green 

                         TRINITY (V.O.)
               I better go.

                         CYPHER (V.O.) 
               Yeah.  Right.  See you on the other side.

     She hangs up as we PASS THROUGH the numbers, entering the
     netherworld of the computer screen.

     Where gradually the sound of a police radio grows around 

                         RADIO (V.O.)
               Attention all units.  Attention
               all units.

     Suddenly, a flashlight cuts open the darkness and we find
     ourselves in --


     The hotel was abandoned after a fire licked its way 
     across the polyester carpeting, destroying several rooms 
     as it spooled soot up the walls and ceiling leaving 
     patterns of permanent shadow.

     We FOLLOW four armed POLICE officers using flashlights as 
     they creep down the blackened hall and ready themselves
     on either side of room 303.

     The biggest of them violently kicks in the door --

     The other cops pour in behind him, guns thrust before

                         BIG COP
               Police!  Freeze!

     The room is almost devoid of furniture.  There is a fold-
     up table and chair with a phone, a modern, and a powerbook 
     computer.  The only light in the room is the glow of the

     Sitting there, her hands still on the keyboard, is 
     TRINITY; a woman in black leather.

                         BIG COP
               Get your hands behind your head!

     Trinity rises.

                         BIG COP
               Hands behind your head!  Now!  Do

     She slowly puts her hands behind her head.


     A black sedan with tinted windows glides in through the 
     police cruisers.

     AGENT SMITH and AGENT BROWN get out of the car.

     They wear dark suits and sunglasses even at night.  They 
     are also always hardwired; small Secret Service earphones 
     in one ear, its cord coiling back into their shirt

                         AGENT SMITH

               Oh shit.

                         AGENT SMITH 
               Lieutenant, you were given 
               specific orders --

               I'm just doing my job.  You gimme 
               that Juris-my dick-tion and you 
               can cran it up your ass.

                         AGENT SMITH
               The orders were for your protection.

     The Lieutenant laughs.

               I think we can handle one little

     Agent Smith nods to Agent Brown as they start toward the

               I sent two units.  They're 
               bringing her down now.

                         AGENT SMITH
               No, Lieutenant, your men are dead.


     The Big Cop flicks out his cuffs, the other cops holding 
     a bead.  They've done this a hundred times, they know 
     they've got her, until the Big Cop reaches with the cuff 
     and Trinity moves --

     It almost doesn't register, so smooth and fast, inhumanly 

     The eye blinks and Trinity's palm. snaps up and the nose 
     explodes, blood erupting.  The cop is dead before he
     begins to fall.

     And Trinity is moving again --

     Seizing a wrist, misdirecting a gun, as a startled cop 
     FIRES --

     A head explodes.

     In blind panic, another airs his gun, the barrel, a fixed 
     black hole --

     And FIRES --

     Trinity twists out of the way, the bullet missing as she 
     reverses into a roundhouse kick, knocking the gun away.

     The cop begins to scream when a jump kick crushes his 
     windpipe, killing the scream as he falls to the ground.

     She looks at the four bodies.



     Agent Brown enters the hotel, while Agent Smith heads for 
     the alley.


     Trinity is on the phone, pacing.  The other end is 

                         MAN (V.O.)

               Morpheus!  The link was traced!  I
               don't know how.

                         MORPHEUS (V.O.)
               I know.  Stay calm.

               Are there any agents?

                         MORPHEUS (V.O.)


                         MORPHEUS (V.O.)
               You have to focus.  There is a 
               phone.  Wells and Laxe.  You can
               make it.

     She takes a deep breath, centering herself.

               All right --

                         MORPHEUS (V.O.)

     She drops the phone.

     INT.  HALL

     She bursts out of the room as Agent Brown enters the hall,
     leading another unit of police.  Trinity races to the 
     opposite end, exiting through a broken window onto the 
     fire escape.


     In the alley below, Trinity sees Agent Smith staring at 
     her.  She can only go up.

     EXT.  ROOF

     On the roof, Trinity is running as Agent Brown rises over 
     the parapet, leading the cops in pursuit.

     Trinity begins to jump from one roof to the next, her 
     moverents so clean, gliding in and out of each jump,
     contrasted to the wild jumps of the cops.

     Agent Brown, however, has the same unnatural grace.

     The METAL SCREAM of an EL TRAIN is heard and Trinity 
     turns to it, racing for the back of the building.

     The edge falls away into a wide back alley.  The next 
     building is over 40 feet away, but Trinity's face is 
     perfectly calm, staring at some point beyond the other 

     The cops slow, realizing they are about to see something 
     ugly as Trinity drives at the edge, launching herself 
     into the air.

     From above, the ground seems to flow beneath her as she 
     hangs in flight --

     Then hitting, somersaulting up, still running hard.

               Motherfucker -- that's impossible!

     They stare, slack-jawed, as Agent Brown duplicates the 
     move exactly, landing, rolling over a shoulder, up onto 
     one knee.

     Just below the building are the runbling tracks of 
     riveted steel.  The TRAIN SCREECHES beneath her, a 
     rattling blur of gray metal.  Trinity junps, landing

     She looks back just as Agent Brown hurls through the air 
     barely reaching the last car.

     Agent Brown stands, yanking out a gun.

     Trinity is running hard as BULLETS WHISTLE past her head.

     Ahead she sees her only chance, 50 feet beyond the point 
     where the train has begun to turn, there is --

     A window; a yellow glow in the midst of a dark brick

     Trinity zeroes in on it, running as hard as she can, her 
     speed compounded by the train.  The SCREAM of the STEEL 
     rises as she nears the edge where the train rocks into the

     Trinity hurtles into the empty night space, her body 
     leveling into a dive.  She falls, arms covering her head
     as --

     The whole world seems to spin on its axis --

     And she crashes with an EXPLOSION of GLASS and WOOD, then 
     falls onto a back stairwell, tumbling, bouncing down
     stairs bleeding, broken --

     But still alive.

     Through the smashed window, she glimpses Agent Brown,
     still on the train, his tie and coat whipping in the
     wind; stone-faced, he touches his ear piece as the train 
     slides him past the window.

     Trinity tries to move.  Everything hurts.

               Get up, Trinity.  You're fine.
               Get up -- just get up!

     She stands and limps down the rest of the stairs.


     Trinity emerges from the shadows of an alley and, at the 
     end of the block, in a pool of white street light, she
     sees it.

     The telephone booth.

     Obviously hurt, she starts down the concrete walk,
     focusing in completely, her pace quickening, as the PHONE
     begins to RING.

     Across the street, a garbage truck suddenly u-turns, its 
     TIRES SCREAMING as it accelerates.

     Trinity sees the headlights on the truck arcing at the
     telephone booth as if taking aim.

     Gritting through the pain, she races the truck --

     Slamming into the booth, the headlights blindingly
     bright, bearing down on the box of Plexiglas just as --

     She answers the phone.

     There is a frozen instant of silence before the hulking 
     mass of dark metal lurches up onto the sidewalk --

     Barreling through the booth, bulldozing it into a brick
     wall, smashing it to Plexiglas pulp.

     After a moment, a black loafer steps down from the cab of 
     the garbage truck.  Agent Smith inspects the wreckage.
     There is no body.  Trinity is gone.

     His jaw sets as he grinds his molars in frustration.
     AGENT JONES walks up behind him.

                         AGENT SMITH
               Did you get anything from the

                         AGENT JONES
               Their next target.  The name is

     The handset of the pay phone lays on the ground,
     separated in the crash like a severed limb.

                         AGENT SMITH
               We'll need a search running.

                         AGENT JONES
               It's already begun.

     We are SUCKED TOWARDS the mouthpiece of the phone, CLOSER 
     and CLOSER, UNTIL the smooth gray plastic spreads out 
     like a horizon and the small HOLES WIDEN until we fall
     through one --

     Swallowed by the darkness that becomes --

     A computer screen.

     We are on-line, inside a chat room called "The Matrix." 
     It is an exklusive web-site where hackers hang out.

               JACKON:  I heard Morpheus has been
               on this board.
               SUPERASTIC:  Morpheus doesn't even
               exist and the Matrix is nothing 
               but an advertising gimmick 4 a new
               TIMAXE:  All I want to know is
               Trinity really a girl?
               LODIII:  87% of all women on line
               are really men.
               QUARK:  The Matrix is a euphemism 
               for the government.
               SUPERASTIC:  No, The Matrix is the
               system controlling our lives.
               TIMAXE:  You mean MTV.
               SUPERASTIC:  I mean Sega.
               FOS4:  ALL HAIL SEGA!!!

     We drift back from the electric conversation entering --


     It is a studio apartirent that seems overgrown with

     Weed-like cables coil everywhere, duct-taped into
     thickets that wind up and around the legs of several

     Tabletops are filled with cannibalized equipment that lay
     open like an autopsied corpse.

     We turn towards the center of this rat-nest of
     technology, following the slurping and crunching of
     cereal.  We pass an open box of Capln Crunch as we find --

     NEO, a younger man who knows more about living inside a 
     computer than living outside one.

               Fuckin' idiots don't know shit.

     He finishes his cereal and is about to disconnect when an 
     anonynous message slices onto the screen.

               Do you want to know what the
               Matrix is, Neo?

     Neo is frozen when he reads his name.

               SUPERASTIC:  Who said that?
               JACKON:  Who's Neo?
               GIBSON:  This is a private board.

               If you want to know, follow the
               white rabbit.

               What the hell...

               TIMAXE:  Someone is hacking the
               FOS4:  It's Morpheus!!!!!
               JACKON:  Identify yourself.

               Knock, knock, Neo.

     A chill runs down his spine and when someone KNOCKS on
     his door he almost jumps out of his chair.

     He looks at the door, then back at the computer but the
     message is gone.

     He shakes his head, not completely sure what happened.
     Again, someone knocks.

     Cautiously, Neo approaches the door.

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