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General Screenwriting

Check out these sites for general guidance and great information about the craft and business of screenwriting.

A Story Is A Promise - Bill Johnson's site is filled with articles, essays and information on screenwriting on novels. Film reviews, and information on his book A STORY IS A PROMISE.
Megahit Movies - This site analyzes the Megahit Movies, those films which have generated more than $250 million in North American Box Office receipts. It presents principles of story construction that can be used to develop popular movies by providing an analysis of cinematic techniques.
Writers Heaven-A new and totally free resources for writers of fiction (novels and screenplays). Tons of insider info on everything from picking genres and basic craft to inspiration to the marketing of writers' work to give them the best chance at good sales.
Dave Trottier - Official site of The Screenwriter's Bible, script consulting, online class, and much more.
Cyberspace Script to Screen
Filmmakers Alliance - col·lec·tive (ke-lèk1tîv) n. An undertaking set up on the principle of ownership and control of the means of production and distribution by the workers involved. Film·mak·ers Al·li·ance (fîlm1mâ´kerz e-lì1ens) n. A collective of Los Angeles filmmakers dedicated to the mutual support of its members' individual productions.
The Final Word
From Fade In Through Fade Out
Hollywood Network Supersite
Mark's Screenwriting Page
Mining Company Screenwriting Guide
Nine Act Structure One White Tiger Screenwriting Resources
The Online Communicator: Writing - Huge, award-winning resource for scriptwriters and media specialists of all kinds. Host site for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files of the misc.writing.screenplays Internet discussion newsgroup. Large collection of screenplay software reviews, plus interviews and articles on writing for film, video, audio, and much more.
The Professional Screenwriters Links Page
Screaming In The Celluloid Jungle - Great place to keep up to date on industry happenings, script sales, and network with other screenwriters.
Screenwriters and Playwrights Page - Quintessential starting place for screenwriters on the Internet. A step by step guide to getting started.
Screenwriting Center
Screenwriter's Corner
Screenwriters Heaven
Screenwriters Home Page
Screenwriter's Master Chart
Screenwriters Resource Center Screenwriters Resource Center offers great links and discounts on screenwriting software!
Screenwriters Unite!
Screenwriter's Utopia - A Well maintained site with plenty of great stuff to keep you busy. Free interviews, articles, newsletters, etc.
Screenwriting Help
Scripts-On-Screen's Sources and Resources
Scriptwriting Secrets - "Writing Your Million Dollar Story" shows you everything you need to get your script into the hands of the people who can read and buy your scripts! Everything from proper margins to using script formatting to actually improve your story to effectively submitting your script.
Talent Development Resources - A site filled with articles, interviews and quotations (psychologists, authors, filmmakers, educatiors and others), books, links and other resources on topics of psychology and lifestyle issues related to self-actualization and creative expression.
The Write News - Provides publishing and writing news every business day. Receive your free weekly email newsletter today.
Writer's Resource
Writing Low Budget Film
Th e Screenwriters Studio - A new venture from Cirocco Jones; in collaboration with The Wolfe Agency, Stanton & Associates, Tetu & Wolfe and The Taylor Agency - offering a safe, secure site for writers to post their scripts on, for a modest fee (of course), and bring their work to the attention of production companies, studio executives, and other agencies in the business, through the extensive network of contacts provided by the 'Collaboration'.

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Chats, Bulletin Boards, Discussion Groups, List Servs

Find other screenwriters on the internet, join discussion groups and sign up for list servs.
Alt Writing Newsgroup
Cinemarquee' s Screenwriter's Lounge
Hollywood Network Listserv
Internet Screenwriters Network
London Screenwriters Network
Mail.Screenwriters Newsgroup
Misc Writing Screenplays Newsgroup
Screenwriters and Filmmakers Forum
Screenw riters' Internetwork
Screenwriters' OnLine Cooperative
The PAGE BBS by The Professional Authors Group Enterprise - A Full Service Bulletin Board System Run by and for Professional Writers Offering Enlightening and Entertaining Discussion of Craft and Current Affairs, Issues, Research Assistance, Industry Gossip, Behind-the-Scenes Information, and Much, Much, Amazingly Much, More!
WGA Mentor Service
Wordplay/Fade In
WWWscreenwriter s Chat Board

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Scripts Online and Script Sales
Find scripts to purchase or read online and keep up to date on recent script sales.

Script Available Online

Th e Screenwriters Studio - A new venture from Cirocco Jones; in collaboration with The Wolfe Agency, Stanton & Associates, Tetu & Wolfe and The Taylor Agency - offering a safe, secure site for writers to post their scripts on, for a modest fee (of course), and bring their work to the attention of production companies, studio executives, and other agencies in the business, through the extensive network of contacts provided by the 'Collaboration'.
The Daily Script - free downloadable scripts! - An index of over one thousand television and movie scripts and transcripts available for free on the internet. Read someone else's work, post your own work, or just check out the message board, surveys, contests, and other fun stuff on the site.
Drew's Script-O-Rama
Movie Script Compendium
13 Idol - sells virtually any fature or TV script you can think of, old or new. And if they don't, we'll try to find it for you!
Screenpla y 451
The Script
The Script Shack - From the classics of Hollywood's Golden Age, to the latest blockbusters, we have 1000s of movie scripts for sale
Scripts-OnScreen. - A place where screenwriters can market their work to an unlimited number of producers, directors, etc., worldwide, 24 hours a day. They also provide a critique/evaluation service and WGA agency representation on specific progects.
Scripts Plus
The Script Warehouse - Browse through their enormous collection of scripts that are available on the web. All the scripts are categorized by genre and are easily downloadable in zip format. This page has been going strong for 3 years.
Script World
Ultimate Movie Scripts
Unp roduced Comedy Screenplays
Writer's Website

 Script Sales

Done Deal - Check out the latest script and pitch sales in Hollywood along with interviews, agency & production company adresses, software & book reviews, news, contest info, and more.
Hollywood Literary Sales
In Hollywood

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Genre Specific

A great resource for industry specific information.

Spies of the Silver Screen - For the espionage film and literature lover in all of us.
Cinemarquee's Mystery Lounge - Everything you ever wanted to know about mystery writing and film.
Cosmo's Science Fiction Cafe - A site for those of us who are intersted in the beyond.
Cosmo's Gothic Cafe - A site that explores the darker side of film.
Sunstone Press-Founded in 1971, the Sunstone Press is an ever-growing, well-respected publishing house in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico
Superheroes of the Silver Screen - Explore the world of animation, cartooning, and comic book creation. You will find history and reference sites for writers, colorists, inkers and creators.

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Online Courses
Looking to take courses but don't want to spend hours in the classroom? Try these online courses.

American Film Institute online courses
Birk beck College, University of London
Bill Johnson Online Writing Workshops
Classical Arts University
Cyberspace Film School
Cal. St. Univ., Northridge
Cyberspace Film School - from The Hollywood Film Institute.
EScript , the Internet's Scriptwriting Workshop, provides online workshops, courses, and script consulting services to both screenwriters and playwrights. Its website also features a large archive of Q&As, and the E-script Film and Theatre Bookstore.
The 5 Minute Film School
New School for Social Research
New York Film Academy
Screenwriters Online - Screenwriters OnLine Cooperative is a critique and support network for screenwriters. SOC meets in Orange County as well as on-line, with members from eight different states. There are no fees to join. Acceptance is based on a ten-page writing sample and continued constructive participation.
Scr eenwriters Utopia Online classes
Screenwriting Basics
Shosin Distance Learning Center Screenwriting Workshop
UCLA Screenwriting - U. of CA, Riverside
U.S.C. School of Cinema
Writers on the Net
Writing Low-Budget Film
Go tham Writers' Workshop
Virtual Script Workshop - UK-based - The Virtual Script Workshop has been around since 1995.We specialise in promoting internet distance learning courses by the monthly VSW Newsletter. We also currently run Birkbeck College, University of London's Virtual Workshop courses.

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Print and Online Publications 
Subscribe to your heart's delight. Plenty of publications, print and online, to
satisfy your need for entertainment information.

Creative Screenwiting
Fade In Magazine
Hollywood Scriptwriter
New York Screenwriter
Written By - Published by the Writers Guild of America.

Film Publications

American Cinematographer
Filmmaker - Quarterly independent film magazine run by the IFP.
Film Score Monthly - Everything you need to know about music in the movies.
Inside Film Magazine
Res, the magazine of digital film - Where film is going.

Industry Publications

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - Daily and weekly trade journal covering all the aspect of the entertainment business.
L. A. Times MetaHollywood
Production Weekly
Studio Briefing
Variety - Daily and weekly trade journal which also covers the entertainment business.

Entertainment Publications

Boxoffice Magazine
MovieMaker Magazine
Premiere Magazine

Online Publications and Newsletters

Ain't It Cool News
CNN Interactive
Dark Horizons -
Drudge Report - VERY popular film news and rumor website. Makes Harry Knowles' site look dumb!
the E! TV network's online mag a great searchable database of film news!
Entertainment Asylum - movie and tv news
Entertainment Insiders Ezine!
Entertainment Weekly Online
Film Threat OnLine - "Hollywood's Indie Voice" Film Threat's mission is to champion the increasingly popular explosion of independent and underground films. We accomplish this via our magazine, web site, and free weekly e-mail. Film Threat Magazine was created in 1985 and for over a decade has covered cult films, underground shorts, alternative films and independent features.
Fine Line Features' monthly newsletter
Hollywood Online
Screenwriters Online
Showbiz Data
TNT's Rough Cut
Zentertainment - fun weekly email newsletter with lots of great info.

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Research Aids
From statistics to law, history to forensics - you'll find it here!

Acronyms and Abbreviations
AJR NewsLink
All Music Guide
American Medical Association
American Slanguages - slang terms by location.
Anatomy of a Murder website
APB Online
Assoc iations Directory
Bartlett's Quotations
Billboard Charts
Bulfin ch's Mythology
Call The Cops for technical advice
CDC Diseases Info Page
C IA 1997 World Factbook
Conversion Tables
Crime & Clues
Drug Information Database
Editor & Publisher Media List
Elements of Style
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
The Federal Web Locator
FedWorld Information Network
Fo reign Language Resources
Forensic Science Resources
Governmen t Information Locator Service (GILS)
History Buff's Home Page
History Channel
History Resource
Histor ical Research Online
Horus' History Links
The Hollywood Military Advisor
International Crime
Internet Crimewriters Network
The Internet Sleuth
Intern et Research Resources for Mystery and Crime
Law Enforcement Links Directory
Legal Dictionary
Library of Congress
Med ieval Resources
Most Requested Reference Books
The Movie Cliche List
My Virtual Reference Desk
News Index
News Resource Index
New York Public Library
The New York Times
Official Federal Government Web Sites
On-line Medical Dictionary
PBS Online
Pitsco's Ask An Expert
Police Officer's Internet Directory
Roget's Thesaurus
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Study Web
Terrorism Research Center
Universal Currency Converter
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
United States Postal Service
U.S. Public Libraries
Mining Company: US Newspapers
Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus
Yahoo! History Resource

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Review or Post Scripts
Sites which let you post scripts or loglines for consideration by agents and producers. As always, do your research before parting with your dollar - or your script!

American Zoetrope
Rosebud - Scriptwriters and scriptreaders, cinema and literature lovers, Rosebud proudly presents the new version of SCRIPTS ON THE NET.
The Screenplay Multiplex
Spe c Script Library

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Your one stop internet shop for screenwriting software information. Many of these web sites will let you download sample copies for a test drive before you purchase the program. Remember, the best software is the software that you are most comfortable with, not the one that looks the fanciest or is the most expensive. Sometimes a macro is all you need.

Scripped - the number one provider for free online screenwriting software. Members have the ability to communicate with other screenwriters as well as enter contests for no entry fee.
Hollywood Screenplay - a full-featured word processing program that automatically performs the tedious chore of formatting and paginating screenplays, TV sitcoms, and stageplays. It has been used by the Hollywood studios and screenwriters for over 10 years. It also offers features that aid the creative process of scriptwriting.
Final Draft - Final Draft is the screenwriting software program of choice for Hollywood studios, producers, writers as well as independents and students. Available on Hybrid CD-ROM for Mac and Windows.
Movie Magic
Screenwri ght
Script Wizard
SideBySide for two- and multi-column scripts.
Sophocles - word processing software for screenwriters, download your free trial version today.

Template Add-Ons

Chris Adamson's Screenplay Style-sheets
DigiScri pt97 for Word
Mike Jackman's WordPerfect Macros
ScreenForge also for MS Word ScreenForge v1.0 was designed using the guidelines laid out in "The Complete Guide To Standard Script Formats Part I: The Screenplay," by Hillis R. Cole, Jr. and Judith H. Haag. It is a simple, straightforward screenwriting tool.
ScreenStyle is the screenwriters store for software, books, and magazines. We have the best prices on Final Draft, Scriptware, ScriptThing, and MovieMagic. We are also the exclusive dealers of ScreenStyle and SitcomStyle software - software that works with Microsoft Word for just $29.95.
Screenwright for WordPerfect
ScriptWright for Microsoft Word (PC or Mac)


Plots Unlimited
Screenwri ght
Storybuilder The home of StoryBuilder, the Windows program that helps fiction writers create great stories by design. StoryBuilder contains templates with more than a hundred story elements and over 2,000 ideas to build dramatic problems, believable characters, colorful settings and a gripping plot.
Truby's Blockbuster
Writer's Blocks 2.

Other Software

Character Naming Software
The Hollywood Connection Kit &endash; insider tracking and contacts
Script Manager
Script Reader &endash; script evaluation software

Read More About It

Rich Wilson's software reviews
WGA software reviews

Where to Buy It
The Writers' Computer Store

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