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Lists of Agents and Agencies

HFI Agent List
How to Get An Agent
Internet Directory of Agents
Showbiz Ltd.
WGA Agency List
ScriptShark - Development and studio executives currently working in the industry who are searching for mew talent and material. Send your script or manuscript to and if your work receives a positive analysis, we'll try to get it sold.

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Find the help you need to write your screenplay. script reminds screenwriters to thoroughly investigate any consultant service before parting with your money, and insist on references as well as a resume.

ScreenBro kers - A new screenplay evaluation service, but with a difference. ScreenBrokers is able to broker good scripts through Guild Signatory Agents. Anyone who doesn't have an agent knows how hard it is to get one. ScreenBrokers invites you to visit their website.
Storytech Literary Consulting
Jordan Budde - 18 years experience in the industry as well as extensive professional credits. Please email, call or write Jordan Budde, 804 N. Cherokee Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038, (323) 466-1843.
The Art of Screenwriting Simplified
Brad Schreiber
Beverly Hills Literary Consultant - Beverly Hills Literary Consultant represented Academy Award winning writers and seeks new writers to market and sell their screenplays.
Creative Script Services - Get your script help from the outside in with Creative Script Services.
Clearstream Official site of The Screenwriting Center, free newsletter, updates to The Screenwriter's Bible, script consulting, online class, and more.
The Dogwood Group
Gotham Literary Consulting
Hollywood Script - Hollywood script consultant Craig Kellem helps screenwriters turn their screenplays into Hollywood scripts. Kellem has real industry credits and credentials.
How To Format Your Screenplay Like A Pro
Institute of Professional Screenwriting
Literary & Screenplay Consultants.
Lou Grantt
Noveliser - Editorial services for writers and screenwriters, including writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading. The Noveliser will also turn your screenplay into a novel.
Octagon West
Paul Young - Provides In-Depth Screenplay Analysis that identifies the Strenghts and Weaknesses of a script. Provides detailed Solutions for all Creative Problems, and functions as a guide through the revision process, ensuring the best possible script in the minimum number of drafts, and minimizing the unidentified screenplay problems.
Prescott Script
Sally Merlin - East Coast editor of script magazine and president of Prometheus Productions. Specializing in nuturing the talent of tomorrow.
Sandy Eiges - Story and script development provides in-depth professional evaluation and development notes to screenwriters, novelists, directors and producers, from a working screenwriter specializing in work with new writers and writer-directors. Recommended by Chris Vogler, author of "The Writer's Journey."
Script Tutor of Brooklyn Learn exactly how, what, where, when and why to make changes in your script to increase it's marketability. Unlimited phone conferences or e-mails are included with your exhaustive and affordable script critique.
The Screenwriters' Room -Written a great script? The Screenwriters' Room offers expert screenplay consultations from feature film executives. They also help promising new writers obtain agency representation.
The Script Doctors
Universal Studios Script Services
Write r's Consortium
Writer's Cut

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Organizations, Groups, and Guilds

Organizations and Guilds

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
American Association of Producers
The American Film Institute
American Film Marketing Assoc.
Artists Rights Foundation
Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers
Independent Feature Project
Performing Arts And Artists Worldwide
Society Cinema Studies
The WRITERS Guild of Great Britain


G reensboro Playwright's Forum - Intended to aid playwrights through networking, marketing and better play development. Services include monthly meetings, a new play catalog, workshops and workshop productions.
Greater Cleveland Stage & Screen Authors Association
Lo ndon Screenwriters' Workshop
Organization of Black Screenwriters, Inc. - The OBL is a professional service and support organization founded by Black writers in 1988. Their goal is to enhance the image of People of African descent by promoting quality work among our members.
Prolific Writers Network - A group that collectively works and excercises their craft on the internet. Their group includes poets, published authors, nominated playwrights and a host of other literary wordsmiths. They communicate via email messenging service and offer critiques and constant feedback on various individual projects.
Screenwriters Online - A critique and support network for screenwriters. SOC meets in Orange County as well as on-line, with members from eight different states. There are no fees to join. Acceptance is based on a ten-page writing sample and continued constructive participation.
Scriptwriter's Network
Society for Cinema Studies.
The Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum
Women In Film
The Writer's Consortium - a non-profit organization, founded by award-winning writer, Carol Roper for emerging writers of all strips but with specialty in screenwriting. The Consortium offers affordable weekend and week long writer retreats and consultations.

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Industry References and Resources
Books and directories you need to keep intouch with the constantly changing entertainment industry.

Art Deadlines List
Attic Asylum's Writer's Resource Ensemble
Blu-B ook from The Hollywood Reporter
CineM edia - searchable database of film facts.
Film & Television Projects in Production (includes list of directors, stars, etc.)
Hollywood Creative Directory - agents, managers, production companies and studios all listed with updated contacted information - a must have!
The Internet Movie Database
Linkwrite - articles, resources and links for screenwriters plus a free newsletter that offers leads to producers seeking submissions. They have over 1700 subscribers and are growing daily.
MoviePeople Database
Yahoo! Movies
The Source - home of the Big Australian Screenwriting Competition: the spec script library . . . the soucrce of new and original scripts for film and tv.

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Consultants | Groups | Resources | Legal


Legal / Business / Copyright
Start here to protect your screenplay and your rights! powerful online service with the unique ability to offer tamperproof date and time stamping on all submitted forms of communication--from images to email to your script--to provide irrefutable authentication of the materials.
Copyrighting Screenplays
de Forest Research Associates, Inc. - Find out who owns published material.
International Entertainment, Multimedia & Intellectual Property Law and Business Network
Le gal Information Institute
National Creative Registry Online
OSLA Arts & Law - the website of OCEAN STATE LAWYERS FOR THE ARTS (OSLA), which was founded in 1984 as the Rhode Island affiliate of a nationwide network of nonprofit public service organizations is dedicated to providing legal assistance to visual artists, actors, performers, theater companies, museums, dance troupes, artists' groups and any other artists or arts organizations in need of help regarding contracts, copyrights, trademarks, tax-exempt status, collection of accounts and any other arts-related problems.
Protectrite - Register and protect your original work in minutes with National Creative Registry's trusted service.
U. S. Copyright Office
World Intellectual Property Organization

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Consultants | Groups | Resources | Legal

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