Bill's Top Ten List

(My apologies to David Letterman and Chris White)

The Top Ten Movies About Underpants:

10. "Bring Me The Underpants Of Alfredo Garcia"

9. "The Incredible Shrinking Underpants!"

8. "To Live And Die In Underpants"

7. "Stop Or My Underpants Will Shoot!"

6. "Silence Of The Underpants"

5. "Raiders Of The Lost Underpants"

4. "A Fistful Of Underpants" and "For A Few Underpants More" and "The Good, The Bad, And The Underpants"

3. "Island Of Lost Underpants"

2. "Invasion Of The Underpants Snatchers"

And the #1 Movie About Underpants.....

1. "Big Trouble In Little Underpants"

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