Article Of The Week is being phased out! I'm trying to write a few new scripts this year, and only have time to create Script Tips. Here are a few of the old articles...

AFM LISTINGS: A to G - A listing of companies that attended the American Film Market in March - this is only A to G (the rest didn't end up online for me to swipe).

HEART TROUBLE - Pacing is critical in every screenplay regardless of genre. Using Clint Eastwood's movie BLOOD WORK as an example, we take a look at what pacing *is* and how you can make sure your script has great pacing.

EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY - Alfred Hitchcock said,"Rely on action to tell your story and resort to dialogue only when it's impossible to do otherwise." Screenplays are stories told in pictures.

DOES YOUR SCRIPT SMELL? - Humans have five senses (six if you're John Edwards) but screenwriters can only use two of them: Sight & Sound.

MY FIRST TIME (be gentle) - It's your first script sale: will it be the experience of a lifetime.. or will you just get screwed? What about those online requests for scripts? Are they legit? How to make sure your first time is with someone you love... not a mistake you'll regret for the rest of your life.

IT's MY FIRST TIME, BE GENTLE (part 2) - Your first script sale will probably belike the first time you have sex... for love or experience, probably not for money. But you SHOULD be paid! And you should pick the RIGHT partner for your first time - someone who will respect you in the morning.

MY MOM, THE ANTAGONIST - Your protagonist has a goal... and something has to prevent him from obtaining that goal or your script will only be ten pages long. That makes your antagonist the most important character in your screenplay.

DECISIONS DECISIONS - How do you show character? Through decisions! Let's take a look at TRAINING DAY...


BLOCKBUSTERS ON A BUDGET (part one) - Write a big budget movie that can be made on a low budget.

BLOCKBUSTERS ON A BUDGET (part two) - Part two looks at techniques to maximize the budget.

Personal Injuries -- Effective violence onscreen.

DIE HARD Analysis -- A great action film deconstructed.

RUN LOLA RUN Analysis -- My pick for best film of 1999!

Sherwood Oaks Screenwriter's Dream Class - Five days, five studios!

Ken Wheat Interview -- The writer of PITCH BLACK tells all!

SIX STRING SAMURAI - An interview with the team behind the quirky indie film.

Oscar Winners For 1999 -- All of the categories, all of the stars.

Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival -- Behind the scenes at the coolest fest!

WGA's First "Words Into Pictures" Conference -- Fest for screenwriters!

2000 AMERICAN FILM MARKET -- The K-Mart of Motion Pictures!


What does an action scene look like on the page? How does an opening scene work? Here are some samples!





My Movies On TV This Week

Script Quiz: Are screenwriters famous?

Top Ten Movies About Underpants

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There's Something About Private Ryan -- They're the SAME FILM!
The Two JACK FROSTs -- Compares two films with the same title!
Hitchcock's PSYCHO -- Review of the Hitchcock classic.
Welles' TOUCH OF EVIL -- Review of the restored version.
TOUCH OF EVIL article -- Behind the scenes of the restored version.

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