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NAKED SCREENWRITING - You've spent $500 PLUS lodging and meals to go to a screenwriting conference, paid $500 to hear Robert McKee, paid $400 for Beyond Structure, $300 for Michael Hague... Interested in a course taught by a guy with actual produced credits?

After doing several conferences and film festivals... and doing 2 day seminars overseas... I brought my NAKED SCREENWRITING class to the USA in April. The class was successful, so I'm doing it again next year in North Shore Tahoe.

April 18, 19, 20th (2003) in North Shore Tahoe.

NAKED SCREENWRITING is an INTENSIVE two day course - screenwriting stripped of the theoretical nonsense! We'll show a movie on Friday night then spend all day Saturday and Sunday using examples from that film (and others) to learn techniques that will improve your dialogue, description, story and screenwriting abilities! Plus a section on selling your script and managing your screenwriting career! Class includes a 125+ page workbook with exercises, assignments (homework), forms and additional materials.


This course strips away all of the silly theories to focus on the bare essentials of screenwriting: finding the right idea, improving your story, structure, dialogue, description, visuals and characters. A screenplay should be as exciting to read as the movie will be to view, and that requires writing designed to involve the reader and audience. Using proven techniques I'll will guide you from idea to screenplay to polish to selling the script. Naked Screenwriting is designed so that both beginners and professionals will come away with techniques they can use to improve their scripts.

This is the same course I've taught in London for about $450 without lodging or free breakfasts!

Want a brochure and registration form? E-mail me your address after November 1, 2002: Send Me A Registration Form!

(online registration and credit card payments will be available after January 1, 2003)

Wanna get Naked?


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William C. Martell has written seventeen produced films including three HBO Premiere movies: Steel Sharks with Gary Busey and Billy Warlock; Crash Dive with Frederic Forrest and Grid Runners with Michael Dorn. He currently is working on several projects for Hollywood Studios. "William C Martell is the Robert Towne of made for cable movies." David Nuttycombe, Washington Post.

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