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After the seminar I had a few workbooks left over - 120 pages, lots of good information. The first 14 pages are class syllabus, but also include a bunch of definitions and a complete re-write checklist. The next dozen pages are class assignments designed to help you improve your ideas, dialogue, description, ending, etc. This is the real meat of the workbook - the part where you actually have to *work*! The rest of the workbook is filled with articles and information on screenwriting - some it has never been in print or on the website.

Because the Workbook changes slightly every time I do the class, these have got to go! $20 plus $5 Postage & Handling.

Naked Screenwriting Workbook

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Naked Work Book

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ANIMAL TESTING: It is First Strike Productions' policy never to test any of it's products on animals... So if your dog buys a copy of the Naked Screenwriting Workbook he may be disappointed.

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