"SECRETS OF ACTION SCREENWRITING is the best book on the practical nuts-and-bolts mechanics of writing a screenplay I've ever read." - Ted Elliott, co-writer "The Mask Of Zorro", "Shrek" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean".

"William C. Martell knows the action genre inside out. Read and learn from an expert!" - Mark Verheiden, screenwriter, "Time Cop" and "The Mask", head writer on "Smallville".

"This book is dangerous. I feel threatened by it." -Roger Avary, Oscar winning screenwriter, "Pulp Fiction"

"Bill Martell is one of Hollywood's best action-adventure writers, with 17 produced films to his credit. His "little blue books" on the art of screenplay writing are legendary and "Secrets of Action Screenwriting" is the best." - Best selling novelist Dale Brown.

"My only complaint with SECRETS OF ACTION SCREENWRITING is that it wasn't around when I was starting out. The damned thing would have saved me years of trial and error!" - Ken Wheat, screenwriter, "Pitch Black" and "The Fly 2"

"There's an art to writing for guys like Chuck Norris -- thanks to Bill Martell's book, I was prepared." - Genia Shipman, screenwriter, "Walker: Sons of Thunder"

"Finally a screenwriting book written by a working professional screenwriter. Bill Martell really knows his stuff, showing you how to write a tight, fast screenplay." - John Hill, screenwriter, "Quigley Down Under"

"The King of the Action Screenplay finally shares his "tools" for successfully writing one of Hollywood's favorite genres. Martell is the master and this book is not only packed with info, it's a hell of a good read." -- The Hollywood Scriptwriter, Lou Grantt

"A wealth of choice ideas. This book is a great synopses of all the major factors to consider when writing action movies or even just action scenes. Worth every penny!" -- Screenwriter's Homepage, Nadine White

"William C. Martell is the Robert Towne of made for cable movies," (Washington Post reviewer) David Nuttycombe

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Blue Book

GREAT SCREENPLAYS HAVE GREAT SCENES. Memorable scenes. Scenes that audiences remember long after the house lights have gone up. Who can forget Cary Grant being chased through the cornfield by the crop duster? Or Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain? Or Indiana Jones facing that massive swordsman in the marketplace... and shooting him? Great films are made up of great scenes... but how do you write great scenes? The SECRETS OF SCENES Blue Book contains dozens of techniques that will help you tune up your scenes, shows you ten ways to create interesting new scenes, make sure the scenes you have really work, and show you how to use transitions to link your scenes. Are you ready to make a scene?

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The book Pro Screenwriters recommend:

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