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I'm writing a movie about what happens on my patio. The second bedroom of my apartment is an office, and it overlooks the apartment complex patio. Right now there's nobody out there... well, there are a couple of birds chirping around on a table... but on Saturday the couple across the courtyard will be barbecuing. They've got a kid who is constantly screaming and causing trouble and sometimes the couple gets into a debate about how best to discipline him. Dad wants to paddle him, mom thinks a "time out" is a good idea. They usually barbecue chicken, because you can get chicken on sale at the grocery store for 99 cents a pound sometimes - I've heard the mom talk about it. My script will also have the woman across the hall in a bikini, because she sometimes sits on the patio and works on her tan. I've said "Hello" to her, but she ignores me... pretending to be asleep. Sometimes late at night the guys from upstairs sit on the patio and smoke dope - if I breathe deeply through my open window I can... Oh, never mind. Hey, the birds are flying away! FADE OUT.

Every script takes us into a world where the story takes place. The audience is going to pay $12 to spend two hours living in that world. You can chose any world you want - the only limit is your imagination! So take us someplace cool! (someplace better than my patio)


The #1 film over the weekend was INSURGENT, the sequel to DIVERGENT, which takes place in a post apocalypse Chicago where everyone is divided by their characteristics... but freaks (divergents) have no place in this world, and are outcasts.

The #1 film over the weekend a year ago took place in Lego Land, where everyone has to follow the instructions and Everything Is Awesome and you should never touch strange pieces. It is a world of order, where a builder like Emmet follows the same pattermn every day, gets up at the same time and says hello to his neighbors and goes to work where he uses those Lego blocks to build buildings. As Christy Lemire says in her review: “The Lego Movie” is the rare film based on a toy or a game that truly feels like its own unique universe rather than a shameless, extended infomercial. And it's a cool world to spend an hour and a half in.

GRAVITY takes place in outer space, and not only can people not hear you scream... once you start moving it is very hard to stop. We really get to see how working in space is much different than working here on earth, and how small problems can quickly escalate. The whole experience of the film is about space, where there's no gravity to hold you down. I think much of the draw of the film is the world it takes place in...

toys DVD

A year ago I saw director Zak Forsman's new film DOWN AND DANGEROUS about a lone wolf drug smuggler who is trapped between an ultra corrupt DEA Agent and a violent Drug Kingpin. This is an indie film funded by a kickstarter program, but looks like a big Hollywood production. The great part about the film is that it takes you into the world of drug smugglers. You learn how to smuggle drugs! The clever drug smuggler has all of these cool ways to get past the border guards with his goods. You see the *details* of his world. Instead of a typical crime film, it's almost a procedural! And by taking us inside that world and showing us how things work, this indie crime film becomes *fascinating*. Your story doesn't have to take place in Outer Space or Lego Land to take us into a cool world!

A couple of years ago we had *three* films that took place in Rio de Janeiro! FAST FIVE did something interesting and avoided the tourist locations and luxury for the gritty slums. Though there have been films that took place in the favelas before, it is an interesting and unusual location... and part of what makes the film unique. The first HANGOVER sequel went halfway around the globe to Thailand and gave us a tour of Bangkok along with the story. Both of these films give the audience a sort of travelougue of places you would probably not want to visit in real life... but in the safety of a cinema? Cool!


A few summers ago the #1 movie TOY STORY 3 took us into the world of toys, which are alive when humans aren't looking. Though we have been in this world in two previous films, this third installment takes us deeper into the world, since the boy these toys belong to, Andy, has now become a man and is going off to college... the toys have been outgrown. We learn that toys are responsible to their owner kids, that they live to be played with... and *not* being played with is painful to them. When the toys realize their potential fates are: being sent to the attic in a box, being donated to a child care facility, or being thrown away where a garbage truck will crush them... we don't know which is worse. Will Andy decide to take some of the toys with him to college? When they end up in a garbage bag, they know their fate... and escape to the child care facility donation box.

Which brings us into a *new* world - the child care - where old stuffed bear Lotso is the toy in charge. This is a world that we have never seen before - not in the previous two TOY STORY films, and this is where the bulk of the story takes place. A world where toys do not have owners - they are free. A world where toys are played with *every day*. A world where kids may grow up, but a new group of kids replaces them - so that the toys are always the center of attention. A place that sounds like heaven for toys... but is it? This new world for the TOY STORY movies is what not only creates the story, but makes this story unlike the others. And the *details* of this child care world are what make the film fun. You will never look at one of those wire storage baskets in the same way again! The "Caterpillar Room" and the "Butterfly Room" are different parts of this new world, and we completely understand the differences between them. Every element of the child care facility world is part of the story... and fascinating. This is the world the story takes place in, and it is unique and an integral part of the story being told - not just a background to the story. TOY STORY 3 takes us into a world where humans have never been before, which is cool!


Where No Man Has Gone Before DVD

The new STAR TREK movies take us boldly where no man has gone before. In 2009's reboot, we not only got to go to Star Fleet Academy, we got to go to several different planets and even a different time! Since we were back with Young Kirk and Young Spock and Way Too Young Chekov before the incidents of the first TV series, I thought the movie should have had more of a sense of wonder than it did. But the Academy was filled with aliens and had Kirk nailing that green alien girl between classes... hey, that stuff is supposed to come with exploring alien worlds! Not just hanging around on Earth. The follow up also just took us back to Earth. Hey, for films based on a TV show about space travel way out into that final frontier of space, this two new films spend almost all of there time right here on Earth... where we live. Booooring! The original TV series would take the Enterprise and her crew to a new planet every week where there was a new crises, at least one new form of alien life (and some hot extra terrestrial for Kirk to nail), and some valuable social issue lesson for Kirk to learn by the end of the show (it was the late 60s). But every week we would be in some cool new world - whatever the writers could imagine that was still within the budget of the show.

Terra DVD

The wonder that may have been missing from the STAR TREK reboots can be found in the 3D animated film BATTLE FOR TERRA, which takes us to another planet (Terra) where tadpole-like creatures live in peace and harmony and whales can fly. One of the great things about this film is that the *technology* on Terra is completely different than ours, as if they took a completely different turn during the Industrial revolution and technology was based on wind and wood. Their version of the car is a parasail, their version of a sky scraper is a tall tree. This location is unique - you have never seen anything like it on film before and that makes it very interesting, even when the location is just the background to a conversation. Of course a couple of minutes into the story this cool place is invaded by evil aliens hell bent on destroying paradise and putting up a parking lot... and those aliens would be *us*.


All of this is science fiction, you say! Well, ANGELS & DEMONS takes place right here on Earth, but takes us to places we have never been before - not only inside the Vatican and inside the Vatican politics of electing a new Pope, but also into the world of the Illuminati - that secret organization of rogue scientists what have been waging a top secret battle against the Catholic Church for hundreds of years. Even on Earth there are secret worlds where film has yet to take us - and Tom Hanks and his weird haircut was our tour guide for this one. We will not be going to any of the normal stops on the Vatican Tour, he's going to take us to all of the cool places that are strictly off limits - in fact, if you ask the Vatican these places don't even exist. But we're going to go there anyway - Cool!

Prepare for he glory of a perfect bowling game DVD

THE 300 doesn't takes place in the world of professional bowling, as you might expect, but takes us into the world of Spartan Warriors, trained from birth to be he perfect soldiers. We see how hey are trained. How they fight, and even how they die glorious deaths when outnumbered a hundred to one. For two hours we are taken into their world, and see the battles through their eyes. The other Greek soldiers are farmers in armor, the Spartans are warriors 24/7/365. The sequel not only takes us back to this world, it shows us a *different* world within that world.

BLADES OF GLORY takes us behind the scenes of a silly and slightly exaggerated version of Olympic ice skating. Even though this is a comedy, we've seen a glimpse of this world in real life during the Nancy Carrigan episode. We know that on the ice they may be graceful, but behind the scenes it's a cutthroat competition and not everyone involved is as sophisticated off the ice. Will Ferrell movies like ANCHORMAN are great at taking some world or occupation we are familiar with and then showing us the behind-the-scenes part of that world... and making fun of it. We get both the tour of the world behind the curtain... and comedy!

Robin Willims is the Tin Man DVD

ROBOTS takes us into a world run entirely by those metal dudes, where two robots might fall in love, get married, and buy a "kid kit" and build a child. Where that robot can grow up and set out for Robot City - a world of steel and Rube Goldberg contraptions. ROBOTS cretes a world that's amazing and real and totally different than anything you've ever seen before. A world where the greatest Robot in history, Mr. Bigweld, can be tossed in the scrapheap in favor of the younger, more ruthless Mr. Ratchet... who wants to phase out replacement parts for older robots (which will eventually kill them). Soon, all robots will be exactly the same. That's a story we can relate to, in a world that's interseting and amazing.

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE took us into the world of kid wizards. From the magic train that departs from platform 9 (in some other dimension) to Hogwart's School for Wizards, to the secrets street where wizards shop for magic wands and potion ingredients, the story takes us into a fascinating world completely unlike the one where we live - even though these characters seem to exist in our world as well. Do wizards really walk among us? Are there schools where the spelling test is all about *casting* spells? If your magic wand gets bent (and we all know how painful that can be) do the spells come out weird? This summer we get a new HARRY POTTER movie that will take us someplace else that is cool.

TROY takes us back to ancient Greece, where warriors still fight face-to-face with swords and Generals are itching for an excuse to send their standing armies into battle. A world where the beauty of a woman can launch a thousand ships and take two tribes to war. Where the best soldier in the world is treated like a Rock star... Oh, and for the ladies - Brad Pitt is often nekkid.

Robin Willims is the Tin Man DVD

The stupid film VAN HELSING takes us to the most secret part of The Vatican, where an order of Monks wage a secret war against unholy monsters - using high tech (for the time) gizmos, a network of spies, and a James Bond-like assassin named Van Helsing. We also get to go to Transalvania, a country populated by monsters and lorded over by Count Dracula and his three vampire brides. In Transalvania, the creatures of the night are commonplace. Your own brother might be a werewolf! The villagers expect nightly raids from vampires, they *expect* a few people to be drained of their blood every once in a while. They even get angry with Van Helsing for fighting the Brides... now the vampires will kill for revenge.

Even a silly rom com like 13 GOING ON 30 takes us behind the scenes at a fashion magazine where editors live in fear of having their best stories scooped by the competition. It's like a well mannered cat fight - the editors smile perfect white teeth at each other while they back-stab and compete for the boss' attention. We get to see this world through the eyes of a naive 13 year-old girl who wakes up one morning to find herself an editor on the magazine... and locked in mortal combat with her middle school rival.


The LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy took us into the world of Middle Earth. There are wizards here, but they aren't the cute kids from Hogwarts - they are wicked men who use witchcraft for world domination. This is a world of warrior knights and elf princesses and cursed Kings. A world of sword fights and charging armies on horseback and castles with moats. For almost three hours we are taken into this world completely unlike our own, where an epic battle rages.

FAR FROM HEAVEN took us into well-manicured 1957 suburbia - a fantasy world that rivals Middle Earth. In this perfect world everyone is well mannered - and worried about what their neighbors might think. Homes are tastefully decorated, no one drinks too much at Christmas parties, all of the men watch football and all of the women go to cultural events. In Middle Earth the Orcs may have foul breath, but here everyone's breath is minty fresh 24 hours a day. It's a Stepford World lifted from the films of Douglas Sirk where the slightest deviation from "the norm" is considered scandalous behavior.

GLADIATOR took us inside the arenas of ancient Rome. It showed us how gladiators train, how they live, how they battle, what kinds of food they ate, and how they can rise from slave to hero.

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON took us into a magical world where people can defy gravity by running up trees and standing on the sides of walls. A world of sacred swords and deep traditions.

ALMOST FAMOUS took us on the tour bus with a rock and roll band at the moment they became famous. We met the roadies, the "band aids", the wives of the rock stars, and learned who takes out the laundry.

TRAFFIC took us into three worlds: We see the behind the scenes political life of the Drug Czar, we see what it's like to be a policeman in Mexico, and we sit in the back of the truck on stakeout with Don Cheadle and Luis Guzman.

Part of why we love movies is that we get to live other people's lives for two hours. I don't want to join the Navy, but I want to sit behind the stick of a F-14 fighter plane as a Top Gun pilot for a couple of hours and experience their world. The more details of that world you can show me, the more enjoyable my experience. In a strange way movies are a VR ride - the more detailed the world we create, the more the audience can immerse themselves in it. They more realistic the experience.

Your Screenplay Checklist:

* What world is your script taking us into?
* Is this a world the audince has never been to before - somewhere unique and interesting?
* Does your story take us behind the scenes and show us something new?
* How much of that world do you let us experience?
* How detailed and realistic is that experience?
* Does your script take place in a world an audience would WANT to spend 2 hours in?

Take us someplace cool.






Your story is like a road trip... but where are you going? What's the best route to get there? What are the best sights to see along the way? Just as you plan a vacation instead of just jump in the car and start driving, it's a good idea to plan your story. An artist does sketches before breaking out the oils, so why shouldn't a writer do the same? This Blue Book looks at various outlining methods used by professional screenwriters like Wesley Strick, Paul Schrader, John August, and others... as well as a guest chapter on novel outlines. Plus a whole section on the Thematic Method of generating scenes and characters and other elements that will be part of your outline. The three stages of writing are: Pre-writing, Writing, and Rewriting... this book looks at that first stage and how to use it to improve your screenplays and novels.

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Most screenplays are about a 50/50 split between dialogue and description - which means your description is just as important as your dialogue. It just gets less press because the audience never sees it, the same reason why screenwriters get less press than movie stars. But your story will never get to the audience until readers and development executives read your script... so it is a very important factor. Until the movie is made the screenplay is the movie and must be just as exciting as the movie. So how do you make your screenplay exciting to read? Description is important in a novel as well, and the “audience” does read it... how do we write riveting description?

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William Goldman says the most important single element of any screenplay is structure. It’s the skeleton under the flesh and blood of your story. Without it, you have a spineless, formless, mess... a slug! How do you make sure your structure is strong enough to support your story? How do you prevent your story from becoming a slug? This Blue Book explores different types of popular structures from the basic three act structure to more obscure methods like leap-frogging. We also look at structure as a verb as well as a noun, and techniques for structuring your story for maximum emotional impact. Most of the other books just look at *structure* and ignore the art of *structuring* your story. Techniques to make your story a page turner... instead of a slug!

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This book uses seventeen of Hitchcock’s films to show the difference between suspense and surprise, how to use “focus objects” to create suspense, the 20 iconic suspense scenes and situations, how plot twists work, using secrets for suspense, how to use Dread (the cousin of suspense) in horror stories, and dozens of other amazing storytelling lessons. From classics like “Strangers On A Train” and “The Birds” and “Vertigo” and “To Catch A Thief” to older films from the British period like “The 39 Steps” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much” to his hits from the silent era like “The Lodger” (about Jack The Ripper), we’ll look at all of the techniques to create suspense!

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Expanded version with more ways to create interesting protagonists! A step-by-step guide to creating "take charge" protagonists. Screenplays are about characters in conflict... characters in emotional turmoil... Strong three dimensional protagonists who can find solutions to their problems in 110 pages. But how do you create characters like this? How do you turn words into flesh and blood? Character issues, Knowing Who Is The Boss, Tapping into YOUR fears, The Naked Character, Pulp Friction, Man With A Plan, Character Arcs, Avoiding Cliche People, Deep Characterization, Problem Protagonists, 12 Ways To Create Likable Protagonists (even if they are criminals), Active vs. Reactive, The Third Dimension In Character, Relationships, Ensemble Scripts, and much, much more. Print version is 48 pages, Kindle version is once again around 205 pages!

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He's back! The release of "Terminator: Genisys" (now on BluRay) is set to begin a new trilogy in the Terminator story... 31 years after the first film was released. What draws us to these films about a cybernetic organism from the future sent back in time? Why is there a new proposed trilogy every few years? This book looks at all five Terminator movies from a story standpoint - what makes them work (or not)? What are the techniques used to keep the characters and scenes exciting and involving? How about those secret story details you may not have noticed? Containing a detailed analysis of each of the five films so far, this book delves into the way these stories work... as well as a complete list of box office and critical statistics for each film. This book is great for writers, directors, and just fans of the series.

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Screenwriting books have been around as long as films have. This series reprints vintage screenwriting books with a new introduction and history, plus new articles which look at how these lessons from almost 100 years ago apply to today’s screenplays. Anita Loos book is filled with information which still applies. In addition to the full text of the original book, you get the full screenplay to Miss Loos' hit THE LOVE EXPERT, plus several new articles on the time period and women in Hollywood.

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