Are you a producer looking for scripts? I have several great scripts still available. The link below will take you to a page of one paragraph synopsis with links to one page synopsis. If you see anything you like...

Available Screenplays List


(all in txt format, all copyrighted and WGA registered - so there!)

SOFT TARGET is my 18th produced script - it was released by Lions Gate in 2007 as CROOKED. This is the original script - the movie had no other writers... but the actors and director and everyone else improvised... and it's nothing like what I wrote... Read SOFT TARGET

BLACK THUNDER has been remade... and is my 19th produced script - the new version was released by Sony in 2007! This is the original script - the new version *did* have other writers and it's nothing like what I wrote... Read BLACK THUNDER

Navy SEAL Bob Rogers leads his team in an escape from an enemy submarine in STEEL SHARKS! You've seen the HBO World Premiere Movie with Gary Busey and Billy Dee Williams, now read the script that started it all!

Cinemax World Premiere Movie THE BASE stars Marc Dacascos and Tim Abel. This was the original script, rewritten by two other writers before it hit the screen. Fun to compare my version with the one they filmed. Which do you think is best? (This is my first draft, written in three weeks.)

Here's a big budget spec script that got me 48 studio meetings... based on a REAL Department Of Defence memo about "Ship Killer" missiles.

Here's another big budget script that got me dozens of studio meetings - it's basically Indiana Jones in swim fins...

Here's LAST ADVENTURE a big adventure script that was supposed to go into production two years ago... but stalled. Two college grads buy a treasure map and take the adventure of a lifetime in the Philippines... before working desk jobs for the rest of ther lives.

This is the first draft, still a little rough around the edges.

Thought I'd dust off my script about a rag-tag group of people trying to survive an attack by hundreds of terminator robots...

Here's a half hour TWILIGHT ZONE-type script.

I plan to post more of my produced scripts here in the future. Both CRASH DIVE and NIGHT HUNTER are coming soon!

What does a treatment look like?

Here is my 1986 treatment for "The Price Of Fear" based on an incident that happened in my home town. After hearing about it from both my mother and father, plus all of my other relatives, I wrote up this treatment, plus a 31 page version and pitched it around town.

Here's a longer treatment for a family film I'd like to write. Would love to find a producer who will pay me to develop it.
When my lawyer read this treatment, he cried... and he's a lawyer!

One that got away. Here's a treatment I did for a producer... who decided not to go to script. He had a couple of Hong Kong actresses that were moving to USA and needed a movie. The producer gave me a couple of comic books to read and told me to write something similar. This is what I came up with.
Read my treatment THE GHOST

Some scripts I didn't write (but wish I had)...

Sunset Blvd - $10.36 Chinatown & Last Detail - $11.20 American Beauty - $13.56 LA Confidential - $10.39

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