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Wanted to again let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar. You were so right when you said we'd get the nuts and bolts - I actually learned something - a lot of somethings!
- L. Wilkens

I got more from your class than any other.
- R. Sharp

We are doing a re-write (on our script) and believe me, if we hadn't done your course it wouldn't be coming along the way it is. I learned a lot and have really been applying your tools - which has focused the script and made it much better.
- T.Worsham


I thought that it was a great experience. Highly recommended. I've already put a lot of what I learned to good use. I'm in a group that reads each other's scripts out loud. In the week between the seminar and the reading of my latest script, I was able to make many improvements because of the information I learned at the seminar. It was so much better than the version pre-Martell. Thank you again Bill.
- T. Wood

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Get Naked!

SCRIPT SECRETS - This course strips away all of the silly theories to focus on the bare essentials of screenwriting: improving your story, structure, dialogue, description, visuals and characters. A screenplay should be as exciting to read as the movie will be to view, and that requires writing designed to involve the reader and audience. Using proven techniques Martell will guide you from idea to screenplay to polish to selling the script. Naked Screenwriting is designed so that both beginners and professionals will come away with techniques they can use to improve their scripts.

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