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What Did Past Students Say?

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Just a selection of what past students have said about the seminar...

Thanks again for a swell seminar. I picked up a lot of useful pointers, and now have a good strategy for the rewrite on my reality-show/haunted-house script.
- D. Manning

Great seminar, Bill! I learned a lot, and will probably attend again in April.
- A. Strocks

Thank you for the terrific "Script Secrets" seminar last weekend! You really have me thinking about my writing in new ways. It couldn't have come at a better time as I have just completed a draft of my current project. Right now, I am reviewing it for the elements that you've discussed and I'm looking forward to making it even better. Thanks, again!
- A. Stewart

I would like to thank you for the class this weekend. I got a lot of very good information that I will use in my writing.
- C. Mora

Better than Robert McKee's class (and much less expensive) - more information and less pontification.
- J. Bartlow

Wanted to again let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar up at Lake Tahoe. You were so right when you said we'd get the nuts and bolts - I actually learned something - a lot of somethings!
- L. Wilkens

I got more from your class than any other.
- R. Sharp

Very practical information presented in an easygoing, approachable manner. With his no-nonsense presentation and nuts-and-bolts approach, Bill Martell demystifies the often obfuscated process of screenwriting. Using concrete examples from classic movies and recent blockbusters, Bill takes the "woo-woo" out of the art of writing for film and replaces it with solid craft.
- K. Sandler

I thought that it was a great experience. Highly recommended. I've already put a lot of what I learned to good use. I'm in a group that reads each other's scripts out loud. In the week between the seminar and the reading of my latest script, I was able to make many improvements because of the information I learned at the seminar. It was so much better than the version pre-Martell. Thank you again Bill.
- T. Wood

We are doing a re-write (on our script) and believe me, if we hadn't done your course it wouldn't be coming along the way it is. I learned a lot and have really been applying your tools - which has focused the script and made it much better.
- T.Worsham

Thanks for all the info! So much packed into a small space. The seminar was very well-planned and you were extremely prepared and helpful. The workbook was BEYOND helpful. A companion to take home for moral support.
- T. Van Pelt

Naked Screenwriting is an intensive, make-you-think program, too much information for only two days! The clear and logical presentation (and the workbook) has given us a yardstick to measure our work by.
- J. Myers

I really enjoyed the class. It was well-paced and the information presented well. Even though I just got the bug to try my hand at screenwriting a few months ago, I never felt like the material was over my head. I think you can be confident that your class appeals to writers of all skill levels.
- J. Major

I attended your Naked Screenwriter seminar this weekend, and just wanted to say a big thankyou! It was both entertaining and insightful (you knew this already, of course!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
- D. Green

Thank you very much for your inspiring and enthusing work last weekend. I feel I've got a whole new arsenal of words and tricks.
- M. Ezra

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Get Naked!

SCRIPT SECRETS SEMINAR - This course strips away all of the silly theories to focus on the bare essentials of screenwriting: improving your story, structure, dialogue, description, visuals and characters. A screenplay should be as exciting to read as the movie will be to view, and that requires writing designed to involve the reader and audience. Using proven techniques Martell will guide you from idea to screenplay to polish to selling the script.

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