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My best! Mystery/Thriller: Out rented Julia Roberts' "Something To Talk About" when both were released in the same week!

Gregory Harrison cheats on his wife Joan Severance and gets caught up in a murder/blackmail scheme. Lots of twists!

HARD EVIDENCE was a Blockbuster Video Featured Film of the Month!

MomINVISIBLE MOM (*** Video Movie Guide)

Family Comedy: Grounded kid steals scientist dad's invisibility potion, but Mom accidentally drinks it!

Now he's in a heap of trouble! Dee Wallace Stone, Barry Livingston, Russ Tamblyn, Stella Stevens, Chris Stone, and a bunch of other fun folks.

Recently chosen as a great after school kids film by Knight-Ridder syndicate! Winner - Santa Clarita Film Festival (Best Family Film). Hey, I'm Teamster #2!

Crash Dive!CRASH DIVE (HBO WORLD PREMIERE) (*** - Movies At Home)

Action: When a US nuclear submarine is hijacked by terrorists and the missiles aimed at Washington DC, only one man can stop them!

Script was about a nerd with a photographic memory who has to become a hero, film is about a Rambo guy who stomps terrorists.

Either way - it's DIE HARD on a submarine.

NightNIGHT HUNTER (*** Washington Post)

Action/Horror: Jack Cutter is the last of the vampire hunters, racing the clock to stop a colony of vampires from multiplying during the total eclipse.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Nicholas Guest, Melanie Smith, Maria Ford, and a bunch of bloodsuckers... I'm the homeless dude! This film came out long before "Blade" but has the same plot... and more characterization! Heck, The Washington Post liked it!


Action: Top secret Stealth Fighter plane is stolen by terrorists and test pilot Vince Conners has to get it back.

Michael Dudikoff, Richard Norton, Gary Hudson, Frederic Forrest. Lots of air combat action! We blows up a bunch-o-stuff!

Steel SharksSTEEL SHARKS (HBO WORLD PREMIERE) (** - Video Movie Guide)

Action: Gary Busey, Billy Dee Williams, Billy Warlock, Tim Abel, Barry Livingston. (Big Tom Clancy-style techno thriller: Helicopters, Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, F-14 Fighter Jets, Spy Satellites, etc.) Full US Navy cooperation. View Clip.

A Navy SEAL Team and a chemical weapons expert are captured and taken onboard an enemy submarine... Once they escape they must travel 100 yards through the submarine to the escape hatch. THE WARRIORS on a submarine.

GridVIRTUAL COMBAT (HBO World Premeire Movie)


Sci-Fi/Action: When the ultimate fighting game character is cloned from virtual reality, border guard David Quarry has to track him down... even though Quarry has never won against him in VR.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Athena Massey, Michael Dorn. Entertainment Weekly said it was better than "Virtuosity"... but isn't EVERYTHING better than "Virtuosity"?

(*** E.P. Magazine, England. -read review- ) / View Clip.

DroidCYBERZONE (**** out of 5)

Sci-Fi/Comedy: Robot Hookers From Outer Space! Sci-fi comedy that parodies everything from "Waterworld" to "Star Wars". When four "pleasure droids" are stolen, bounty hunter Jack Ford tracks them down, with the aid of a nerdy female android tech. Marc Singer, Matthias Hues, Robert Quarry, Kin Shriner, Rochelle Swanson.

Entertainment Weekly gave it a swell review... it's a comedy!

(rated 8 out of 10 / Pick Of The Week! O.T.H. Movie Reviews

TreachTREACHEROUS *1/2 (CineMax Premiere)

Action: Yikes! Great cast wasted! The director gave this one a 'mysterectomy' and removed characterization and logic. Totally rewrote my script and screwed it up! C.Thomas Howell, Tia Carerre, Adam Baldwin.

Worth watching for the sexy Randi Ingerman and the beautiful cinematography and locations!

VictimVICTIM OF DESIRE (aka IMPLICATED) *1/2 (CineMax Premiere)

Mystery: SEC Investigator falls for Embezzler's wife. When Embezzler is killed, she becomes prime suspect. Will she kiss him? Or kill him?

Marc Singer, Shannon Tweed, Wings Hauser, Johnny "Roast Beef" Williams, and every character actor in Hollywood, including that Flying Elvis guy from "Honeymoon In Vegas"!

Terrible direction, some awful acting... but I wrote it!

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