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* Formerly Naked Screenwriting - Lew Hunter has a book coming out called Naked Screenwriting.

Bill's book THE SECRETS OF ACTION SCREENWRITING is "The best book on the practical nuts-and-bolts mechanics of writing a screenplay I've ever read." - Ted Elliott, co-writer "The Mask Of Zorro", "Shrek", "Pirates Of The Caribbean 1-4".

"His book is dangerous. I feel threatened by it." - Roger Avary, Oscar winning screenwriter, "Pulp Fiction".

Now, the class by guy who wrote the book Oscar winners and hit blockbuster writers recommend...

SCRIPT SECRETS: THE BIG IDEA is an INTENSIVE two day course - screenwriting stripped of the theoretical nonsense! This is the "classic class" - starting with finding an amazing million dollar idea - the kind that makes producers salivate! Learn brainstorming techniques, how to tell the difference between a movie idea and a book or stage play idea. The basics of high concept. And how to kick-start your imagination.

This class is jam-packed with techniques to create great film ideas, then I'll take you step-by-step from blank page to the big screen and show you how to create great characters from that idea. Learn how high concept can be *your* personal story. How to find theme within the concept. How to create amazing high concept scenes that actually *explore character*, plus solid techniques to improve your dialogue, create lean-mean-evocative description, flesh out your story and improve screenwriting abilities! Plus a section on selling your script!

Now with The Thematic - the most powerful screenwriting tool I've ever created! Start with a story idea or a character, and it will take you step-by-step, finding the perfect supporting characters, amazing dramatic scenes, dialogue that works on more than one level, actions that show emotional conflict, and more. Thematic uses your story's theme to generate the other elements of the story, creating the template for a tightly focused character and theme based screenplay. This is not a machine or a formula, but a unique way to look at writing your screenplay.

For 2011 we'll be using the movie GHOST as our primary example, with clips from that film as well as NORTH BY NORTHWEST, THE MATRIX, AIRPLANE, THE BIG SLEEP and DILLINGER.

A great script begins with a Great Idea and I will show you how to find the kind of ideas producers love.

I'm not McKee - I don't teach classes, I write screenplays for a living. It's been almost 5 years since I've done a 2 day class in the USA, and may be 5 years until I do another.

Get Naked!

April 14 & 15, 2012
Probably at Burbank Airport Marriott
Register TODAY! (SAVE $100)
Only $249

SCRIPT SECRETS: BIG IDEA! is an INTENSIVE two day course - screenwriting stripped of the theoretical nonsense! Beginning by creating an amazing high concept, we'll spend all day Saturday and Sunday learning techniques that will improve your dialogue, description, story and screenwriting abilities! Creative ways to solve script problems through creativity. Not theories - techniques used by working pro writers. Plus a section on selling your script and managing your screenwriting career! Class includes a 120 page workbook with exercises, assignments (homework), forms and additional materials.

"Better than Robert McKee's class (and much less expensive) - more information and less pontification."
- J. Bartlow

Unleash your creativity!

Past students of Martell's big two day class have sold scripts to Miramax, George Clooney's Section Eight Productions, Joel Silver Films, and the amazing Steve Robinson took what he learned in the class and wrote the winner of the Nokia International Short Film Competition, "Have I Passed?".

This course strips away all of the silly theories to focus on the bare essentials of screenwriting: finding the right idea, improving your story, structure, dialogue, description, visuals and characters. Using your imagination to solve problems and create scripts that Hollywood wants. A screenplay should be as exciting to read as the movie will be to view, and that requires writing designed to involve the reader and audience. Using proven techniques, the class will guide you from idea to screenplay to selling the script. Script Secrets is designed so that both beginners and professionals will come away with techniques they can use to improve their scripts.

This is the same course I've taught in London for about $550 - but the Los Angeles class will be less than *half* that price! $249 for two full days - more information than you can write down... and about *a third* of the price of McKee's class!

At $249 this class will fill up fast!

Register today - SEATING IS LIMITED!


PAYING BY CREDIT CARD? - that information is on the PAY BY PAYPAL page.

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THE CLASS? - that information is on the CLASS SCHEDULE page.

William C. Martell has written nineteen produced films including three HBO Premiere movies: Steel Sharks with Gary Busey and Billy Warlock; Crash Dive with Frederic Forrest and Grid Runners with Michael Dorn. He currently is working on several projects for Hollywood Studios. "William C Martell is the Robert Towne of made for cable movies." David Nuttycombe, Washington Post.

I really enjoyed the class. It was well-paced and the information presented well. Even though I just got the bug to try my hand at screenwriting a few months ago, I never felt like the material was over my head. I think you can be confident that your class appeals to writers of all skill levels.
- J. Major

Wanted to again let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar. You were so right when you said we'd get the nuts and bolts - I actually learned something - a lot of somethings!
- L. Wilkens

Taken the class before? E-mail me for the Repeater Rate! Repeater rate or paper registration form.

* - Swag Bag Contents Are Subject To Change Without Notice... but there will be good stuff!

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