TRACKER will soon go through a page one rewrite, removing the terrorists angle.


Dan Blackhorse is the best tracker in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But unlike his Native American forefathers, Dan doesn't use bent twigs and broken earth to track violent criminals. He uses psychological profiles, past histories, credit records, and the type of minute clues that even the best forensic scientists miss. With the help of a pretty computer hacker named Lindsay, Dan can trace even the most imaginative terrorists when they go to ground.

When a group of violent terrorists bomb the Trans Am flight bringing Dan's wife Judy to his field location for their anniversary, Dan wants to hunt the scumbags down and kill them.

The terrorists will bomb one plane a week, unless the United States pays them one hundred million dollars in gold bullion.

The FBI removes Dan from the case, and when he refuses to quit the hunt, they fire him from the Bureau.

But Dan Blackhorse is an unstoppable force. He will do anything to avenge his wife's murder.

From the forests of Washington State, to the streets of Los Angeles, to the deserts of New Mexico, Dan and Lindsay track the cult of terrorists, and their charismatic leader, Doctor Saunders. Along the way, Dan learns to accept his Native American roots, and use the tracking skills of his ancestors.

Dan Blackhorse is an ancient warrior is a modern world, hell bent on revenge.

"TRACKER" a screenplay by William C. Martell

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